V3tronix Flip Clone

V3 Flip Clone


If you have been following V3tronix’s Instagram page, you will see first hand that they are not very happy about these Flip clones. ┬áV3tronix has been putting local USA based Vape Shops on blast for selling clones of the Flip mechanical mod.

They have gone to great lengths to try and stop vendors from selling on eBay, Facebook, and from creating group buys. They are even trying to get picture posts containing Flip clones removed from Instagram.

I won’t comment about whether I agree or disagree with V3tronix’s tactics of handling this situation. It’s really none of my business.

But… what I will do is tell you how you can get one of these clones. The Flip clone is not really my cup of tea but I know some of you out there are very excited about it. So if that sounds like you, try to keep it on the down low. I don’t need any lawsuits coming my way!





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