USB Powered Ohm Meter for Your Atomizers


Well it was a matter of time before we started seeing ohm meters coming out of China. The demand was just too high and MadVapes could not keep up with the supply.

With all the clone wars happening in the vape world, its should be no surprise. In fact, I’m surprised it took so long. This meter seems very interesting though. Unlike the U.S. counterpart, this is a USB powered Ohm Meter instead of needing batteries Even the new Sigelei Ohm Meters require an uncommon battery type (14500) and can only read to one decimal point (0.0 ohms instead of 0.00 ohms).

I can see a lot of advantages for a USB powered Ohm Meter. All of my builds occur at my desk, in my office, in front of a computer. Even if you didn’t have a computer near by, I am sure you could easily pick up one of these wall adapters.

I think this is good for the Vape comunity and allows vapers to measure their rebuilds. I was lucky enough to get an authentic MadVapes Ohm Meter but I may just pick up one of these USB Meters for the heck of it.






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