Plume Veil RDA Clone by Acerig

Plumeveil Clone


The Plume Veil RDA by Aethertech is without a doubt the most innovative RDA to come out of 2014.  This rebuildable atomizer has gotten rave reviews from basically everyone.

This was one RDA that I personally wanted to purchase and was willing to spend the cash. The AUTHENTIC Plume Veil by Aethertech retails just over $100, so it definitely is not easy on the wallet!

But like many other authentic products in the past, Aethertech can not keep up with the demand. That’s the real problem here!

Well… fortunately (or “unfortunately” depending which side you are on), the Plume Veil has been cloned like so many others.

The Plume Veil RDA clone by Acerig retains all the same features as its authentic counterpart. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect from the clone.

Product Features:

  • Three separate sources for airflow
  • Negative posts milled into deck
  • Gold plated deck for increased conductivity
  • 22 mm design to fit flush on most devices
  • Wide bore drip tip included

Acerig definitely did a great job at cloning a 1:1 copy of the Plume Veil RDA.

It is pretty amazing how fast China is able to clone products these days. What is even more amazing is the low price of these clones.

Go ahead and check it out, it’s a no brainer!






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