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The Nemesis Mechanical Mod

The Atmomixani Nemesis is one of the most popular and sought after mechanical mods in the vape scene today. It’s popularity also comes with it’s high price tag and limited supply. No one was surprised that a Nemesis clone would eventually hit the market. The real question that needs to be asked, “Is the clone any good?”

Surprisingly YES! It’s very good!

Clone Details

The Nemesis clone comes with the same laser etched logos as its authentic counterpart. Some may call this “counterfeit” but that’s up to you to decide.

The clone is a full mechanical mod with stainless steel body and has a telescopic 510 connection. All contacts (510 pin and firing button pin) are silver-plated giving you very low voltage drop.

The body comes with different sized battery tubes allowing you to use batteries as small as 18350 all the way up to 18650s.

What People are Saying

Just read the reviews and you will see why there is so much hype over the Nemesis clone. Many have said that this is the best clone that has come out of China.

With the silver-plated contacts and the 1 to 1 reproduction of the the authentic Nemesis, its very difficult to find any faults with this clone. The upgrade to magnetic switch is also possible with this mod.

At a price tag of $24.63 shipped to your door, this deal is hard to pass up. I know I’m ordering one!







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