Innokin iTaste 134


As ridiculous as this ecig may look, it actually has been given some pretty great reviews.¬† Innokin is known for creating well-made and functional devices at reasonable prices. The iTaste 134 is no exception and is without a doubt the most extreme product on Innokin’s lineup.

The iTaste 134 is a variable wattage device that uses a single 18650 battery. It is quite large and has a very solid feel to it. If you are looking for a small stealth vape, this device is probably not for you. Those looking to purchase the iTaste 134 are those that like to stand out from the crowd and have a device that is solid as a rock.

Variable wattage adjustments are accomplished with a twist mechanism  that is located just below the firing button. You can compare the twist adjustments to those of an eGo twist battery, allowing you to fine tune your wattage based off of taste and not based off of a digital screen.

The iTaste 134 is packaged in a very nice decorative box which also includes an iClear 30 atomizer tank. The iClear 30 is also very highly rated by many of the top YouTube reviewers and is a perfect complement to this device.

The vendor listed below has prices for the iTaste 134 that can not be beat. Definitely check them out if you have any interest in purchasing this ecig.



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