Mount Baker Vapor: 17.76% Site Wide Discount!!!

  Here is an INCREDIBLE deal from Mount Baker Vapor. Not only are their prices insanely low on a regular basis, but they are ...
DNA 30 Chip

DNA 30 Chipset Clone

  Now here is a deal that I personally have been waiting for!!! I have been on the look out for an authentic Evolv DNA 30 chip ...
VapeLyfe Drip Tip Clone

VAPELYFE Drip Tip Clone

  Just when you thought clones were only meant for battery mods and atomizers… The VAPELYFE drip tips have been in very ...
Nemesis Anodized Tubes

Anodized Aluminum Tubes for Nemesis Clone

  Just when you thought the Nemesis Clone mod could not get any better! There has been a mass release of different colored Anodized ...
Chinese Zodiac Drip Tip

Chinese Zodiac Drip Tips

  As a vaper, you can never have too many drip tips. Feel free to stock up on this set of drip tips that feature the 12 Chinese ...

DIY Ohm Meter Kit

  Alright alright, so now that there is an unlimited supply of atomizer ohm meters out on the vape market, there is no real need ...

Kick Clone Under $9 Shipped!

    Here is your chance to get a Kick Clone at a crazy price. For under $9 shipped to your door, you might as well buy a ...

USB Powered Ohm Meter for Your Atomizers

Well it was a matter of time before we started seeing ohm meters coming out of China. The demand was just too high and MadVapes could ...

Awesome Deal on Silica Wick

  Here is a great deal on bulk Silica Wick. This deal is for approximately 100 ft for only $16 shipped! Check any vendor online ...

Atomizer Ohm Meter

You better move fast with this one!  These atomizer ohm meters have been crazy hard to find. Usually these sell out within minutes ...
magneto top cap

SmokTech Magneto Adjustable Top Cap Upgrade

Yes, it’s finally here! Now you can upgrade your SmokTech Magneto mod to have an adjustable floating center pin as well as eGo ...
Sony 30 amp battery

Sony 18650 1600 mAh 30 Amp Battery

It’s pretty clear that this sub-ohm craze isn’t dying out any time soon. I have to admit though that I do enjoy experimenting ...