Anodized Aluminum Tubes for Nemesis Clone

Nemesis Anodized Tubes


Just when you thought the Nemesis Clone mod could not get any better! There has been a mass release of different colored Anodized Aluminum tubes for this popular mechanical mod clone.

You can now customize your clone by changing the outside appearance as well as reducing the weight of the mod. You WILL NEED to have a compatible Nemesis clone for these new tubes to work.

This package actually comes with 3 separate sized tubes to fit all your battery sizes. These tubes will fit 18650, 18500, and 18350 batteries. Priced at only $9.59 shipped, might as well get a few different colors.


  • Three Separate Tubes for 18650, 18500, 18350 Batteries
  • Laser Engraved Angel of Death Logo
  • Random Serial Number
  • Anodized Aluminum Tubes






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